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          Linear DC adjustable voltage steady current supply
          Time: 2020/8/13 15:47:04 Popularity:330


          Product introduction:

          PDS series intelligent linear adjustable DC stabilized voltage and current power supply is a high-performance DC power supply independently developed by our company for the needs of enterprises, military industry, scientific research, teaching and other units. The chip control is adopted, and the imported thyristor is used as the power device to change the voltage at both ends of the rectifier bridge. The original ximenkang module is used as the voltage regulating and stabilizing device. The output voltage and current value can be continuously adjusted from zero to the rated value. The constant voltage and current can be automatically or manually converted. The protection point can be selected and limited arbitrarily within the determined range, and the parameters such as voltage and current can be displayed by LED or LCD. It is widely used in laboratories of colleges and universities, production lines of DC motors, relays, resistors, electrolytic capacitors, automotive electronic accessories and other components aging, product routine test, automatic testing, communication equipment, automatic aging equipment and other fields requiring DC power supply.

          Product features:

             The input and output voltage specifications of PDS series intelligent linear DC stabilized voltage power supply can be customized according to the requirements of the equipment. The company adopts 0.3mm silicon steel sheet as the design of three-phase five column rectifier transformer with high power to effectively reduce the harmonic. For the power supply with high requirements, the company designs six phase or 12 phase output to effectively reduce the ripple. Compared with the common DC power supply of input side voltage regulating type and voltage regulating transformer type on the market, it has the characteristics of high precision and high stability. Compared with the switching DC power supply, it has the characteristics of small ripple, small pollution to the power grid, large single power, high voltage and large current. It has a perfect protection circuit, more to meet the user's simple, convenient, low-cost operation and maintenance of the use of demand, widely used in the market.

          Technical parameters:

          Model specifications


          Single unit capacity


          Input voltage

          3-Three  AC380V±10%

          Output voltage

          Continuous adjustable0-1000VSelect)±0.5%

          Output current

          Continuous adjustable0-1000ASelect)±0.5%

          Ripple Effectiveness

          Steady voltage:≤1%Rated+10mV;

          Steady current:≤2%Rated+10mA

          Protection modalities

           Overvoltage, overload, phase-deficiency trip protection

          Temperature coefficient

          300PPM/Typical values

          Working hours

          Long-term continuous work

          Output setting

          Potentiometers (standard)

           Communication Protocol (Optional)

          Display mode

          4-bit half LED digital display (standard)

          LCD display (optional)

          Communication Protocol (Optional)

          Period and random drift


          Protection function

          Over-voltage, overcurrent (current limiting), overheating, short circuit and other protection functions

          Insulation grade


          Physical temperature rise


          Pressure resistant strength

          3000V 5mA 60s

           Noise level

          < 60db(80CM Horizontal distance test)

          Protection level


          Heat dissipation mode

          Intelligent air cooling

          Conditions of use:

           l Altitude applicable :3000 m

           2 Ambient temperature :-20~60

           3 Relative humidity :90% without condensation No corrosive gases, conductive dust or other explosive and flammable hazardous substances which seriously affect the strength of electrical insulation shall be used

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