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          DC Reactor
          Time: 2020/8/13 14:58:12 Popularity:429

          Structural features:
          1. The reactor is of core dry structure.
          2. The iron core is made of high quality and low loss silicon steel, the core column is divided into uniform small pieces by multiple air-gap which use epoxy glass cloth laminated board as the interval in order to ensure that the air gap reactance did not change during operation.
          3. Class H or C-level electromagnetic wire are used for coil, which is tightly packed and is even designed special thermal airway. It has excellent mechanical strength and better heat dissipation.
          4. After the process of pre-baking →the Impregnation in vacuum → heat drying, the coil and the iron core of the reactor have been assembled into one.   H impregnating varnish has been used to firmly combine the coil and the core of the reactor. It not only greatly reduces the operating noise, but also makes the reactor to have very high heat-resistant levels to ensure that the reactors are able to safely run without noise at high temperature.
          5. Part fasteners of the reactor’s core columns are made of non-magnetic material to ensure that the reactor has a high power factor and low temperature rise, to ensure a better filtering effect.
          6. The exposed parts are taking anti-corrosion treatment leads to terminals are made of tinned copper tube terminals.
          7. Compared with the domestic similar products, this reactor has merits such as small size, light weight and beautiful appearance. It is comparable with foreign brands.

          Environmental conditions for using:
          1. It should not be use at the altitude over 2000 meters.
          2. The ambient operating temperature should be between -25 ° C and +45 ° C, relative humidity should not be more than 90%.
          3. Surrounding should not have harmful gas, inflammable or explosive materials.
          4. The surrounding environment should have good ventilation conditions, if the product is installed in the cabinet, then should be the ventilation equipment should also be installed.

          Performance parameters:
          1. Available in 400V or 600V system.
          2. Type of reactor rate are 4.5%, 6%, 7%, 12%, 13% and 14%.
          3. Rated insulation level is 3kV/min.
          4. Reactance of various parts of the temperature rise limits: the iron core should not be over 85K, the coil temperature should not exceed 95K.
          5. Reactor noise should not be greater than 45dB
          6. Reactor can long term operate under the condition that the power frequency plus harmonic current is not greater than 1.35 times of the rated current.

          7. Linearity of reactance value: The ratio of electric reactance value in 1.8 times of rated current to which in rated current should be lower than 0.95.
          8. The difference of any two-phase reactance value should not be greater than ± 3% in three-phase reactor,  .
          9. Temperature class should be above H (180 ° C).

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