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          PAJ precision full electronic voltage regulator
          Time: 2020/8/12 16:55:20 Popularity:414

          Product Introduction:
          Input voltage stabilizing range; Single-phase 175-265 three-phase 304V~456V
          Frequency: 47 hz ~ 63 hz
          Rated output voltage; Phase voltage 220V, line voltage 380V
          Regulating range of central voltage value; Plus or minus 7%
          Voltage stabilizing accuracy; Plus or minus 0.5% to plus or minus 1%
          Response time; Fast (one power cycle 20ms)
          Waveform distortion; No additional waveform distortion (static)
          Efficiency; 95% or higher
          Protection: overvoltage, undervoltage, phase loss, overload, overcurrent, short circuit
          This product is suitable for places with strict requirements on voltage regulation speed, such as: scientific research institutes, stage cinemas, HIFI hi-fi systems and so on
          Product Features:
          Characteristics of PAJ series voltage regulator:
          Precision: High output voltage precision, up to ±0.5%
          Stability: Can the output voltage be stable in milliseconds, no matter how wildly the input voltage of the grid fluctuates
          Intelligence: SCM intelligent digital control, advanced sinusoidal energy distribution technology in the industry, to ensure that the output is stable sinusoidal waveform
          Novelty: new design, new circuit, new model
          Environmental protection: dry type without transformer oil, environmental protection and safety
          Quick: quick response, quick adjustment, quick voltage stabilization
          Comprehensive: full protection, overload/short circuit, over/under voltage protection
          Using the environment
          Ambient temperature: -15℃~40℃
          Altitude: 1000 m
          Relative humidity ;90%
          No gases, vapors, chemical deposits, dust, dirt and other explosive and corrosive media that seriously affect the insulation of the voltage regulator.  
          No serious vibration or turbulence in the installation site. 

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