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          PAS intelligent voltage regulator
          Time: 2020/8/12 16:54:32 Popularity:410

          Product Introduction:
          Input voltage stabilizing range:380V series 220V series 415V series can be customized
          Frequency: 50 hz - 60 hz (+ / - 5%)
          Rated output voltage; 380V series 220V series 415V series can be customized
          Voltage stabilizing accuracy; 1% or less
          Response time; 0.1 s or less
          Waveform distortion: No additional waveform distortion (static)
          Efficiency; 98% or higher
          Three-phase unbalance degree:Three - phase voltage automatic balance
          Delayed output;Stabilize voltage before output (protect equipment from impact)
          Protection: overvoltage, undervoltage, phase loss, overload, overcurrent, short circuit
          Product Features:
          Characteristics of PAS series voltage regulators:
          Intelligent logic voltage stabilizing mode: PAS series voltage stabilizing mode can adjust the voltage stabilizing speed and range according to the field voltage fluctuation amplitude and load characteristic, and achieve the best effect by logic circuit control mode.
          Separate voltage regulator design: when the power input three-phase unbalanced, or nonlinear power supply, and heavy load still maintain pure and accurate output.
          Modular design: this machine adopts modular design to separate assembly, and USES high-precision parts of the main control board, more with ICT computer automatic testing, and reliability test, to provide the best quality assurance.
          Self-detection function: this machine has self-detection function, and with the light symbol, it can inform the condition of the machine at any time. If there is any abnormity, it can also tell the fault point accurately. It is easy to repair.
          Prevent starting over high voltage device: when the voltage regulator starts up or the power is restored after power failure, the device will be started from low voltage. Under no circumstances will there be high voltage output through the device.
          Abnormal warning function: it has the warning function of over high pressure, under low pressure and under equal abnormal condition.
          Strong instantaneous overload capacity: when the instantaneous load capac

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