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          PAZ three phase high power voltage regulator
          Time: 2020/8/12 16:53:38 Popularity:409


          Product Introduction:
          Input voltage: three-phase (three-phase four-wire) 380V±15%~30%(please specify when ordering)
          Output voltage: three-phase (three-phase four-wire) line voltage 380V or phase voltage 220V
          Output voltage accuracy :(2%) adjustable
          Frequency: 50 to 60 hz
          Efficiency: 97% or higher
          Response time: ≤0.4s (when external voltage changes by 10%)
          Waveform distortion: no additional waveform distortion
          Protection function: overvoltage, overcurrent, phase loss, phase sequence protection and mechanical failure
          Mains function: mains power, stable voltage for easy switching
          Working mode: can be long-term, continuous unattended work
          Product Features:
          This stabilized voltage supply is contactless, no carbon brush or relay easy to spark wear parts.
          Remote communication: various intelligent interfaces can be selected to realize the functions of "remote communication, telemetry and remote control".
          Control mode: CPU DSP control, anti-harmonic interference, high-speed operation, greatly improve MTPF;
          Parameter setting: 7-inch color LCD capacitive touchscreen parameter adjustment;
          Operation mode: 7 inch color LCD capacitive touch operation;
          Display carrier: 7-inch color LCD capacitive touchscreen parameter adjustment;
          This series product compared with other type voltage regulator has a large capacity, high efficiency, no waveform distortion, stable voltage regulation, to adapt to the perceptual, capacitance, resistance and nonlinear load, can withstand the instantaneous overload, long-term continuous work, manual control switch at random, overvoltage, undervoltage, overload, over current, short circuit protection function, safe and convenient to use, reliable operation, etc.It can be widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research, post and telecommunications, military, railway, transportation, hospitals, elevators, air conditioners, hotels and other places with higher requirements on power supply quality of the power grid.
          Using the environment:
          Ambient temperature: -15℃~40℃
          Altitude: 2000 

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