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          Furnace transformer
          Time: 2020/8/12 16:45:35 Popularity:483

          Product description:


          Furnace transformer



          PTI (1~600KVA)


          Input voltage


          (or customer specified)


          Output voltage

          10V, 15V,20V,30V, 50V,55V

          (or customer specified)

          Insulation class



          Temperature rise



          Compressive strength

          3000V without breakdown (one minute)


          Noise level

          <50db (80CM horizontal distance from the test)


          Protection class



          Product Features:

          1.    This product meets the standards of IEC60076, GB1094-2007 and CNS13390;

          2.    It is suitable for the imported equipment work at the AC frequency 50 ~ 60Hz, and voltage 660V;

          3.    The input, output voltage specifications can be tailored according to the equipment requirements;

          4.    The wiring and insulation class could be available according to customer requirements.

          5. Quality materials were used to keep good electrical properties and mechanical strength;

          6. The fixed terminals are beautiful and durable, which have high security;

          7. The iron core was pretreated by hot stew; their own consumption loss is very low;

          8. It can be loaded with the rated current for long service life.

          Using conditions:

          1.    The applicable altitude should be ≤ 3000 m;

          2.    The ambient temperature should be between -45 ℃ and +60 °C;

          3.    The relative humidity should be ≤ 90%, non-condensing;

          4. The using sites should not have corrosive gases, conductive dust and other flammable explosive hazardous substances, which seriously affect the strength of transformer insulating.

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